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Farooqui Massage Oil, by presenting us in your help Feeling proud. Try once and adopt again.

Method use

Headache: Massage half the lid with oil on the palate between the head and you will get instant relief.

Body pain, joint pain: Massage the area where there is pain with a light hand and cover it with cloth.

Sprain Swelling: Soak the area where the sprain is swollen with oil and wrap it with a cloth, and wash the area with warm water in the morning and evening.

Blood clotting or wounds: Apply oil several times a day to the place where blood is stained or wounds.

Boil pimples manure itching: Do not apply soap after washing with alum where shingles compost itching and boils.

Burn burns: Apply a few strands of oil on burns several times a day.

In cold cold: Massage the neck behind the ear on the chest muscle, it will provide immediate relief.

Massage oil two to three times a day to cause painful paralysis of arthritis.

  • Umair Farooqui


    Great Product 100% Results

  • Parveen


    A Great Product, Very Helpful

  • Shaik Raise


    Good for joints and muscles pain.

  • Zahid Ansari


    Trust the brand. My parents uses it regularly for massage. Farooqui Massage Oil for a day but effective

  • Monsuruddin Chowdhury


    Great Result.

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